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SGMC grab

Hydraulic grab

Hydraulic grab
Hydraulic grab Hydraulic grabs
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Hydraulic grab design

Hydraulic Grab is specially fitted with the all type of excavators. Its driving unit comes from the excavators. Grab bucket size and shape depends on the excavator lifting capacity and cargo categories. There are generally hydraulic clamshell grab, hydraulic orange peel grab and hydraulic timber grab.

Hydraulic grab features

1. Grab arm structure is close-box girder. minimum weight with maximum rigidity and strength. enhanced anti-collision capacity.
2. Grab connects with crane hook by means of a large ring to facilitate the loading grab.
3. Hydraulic Grab scoops can be designed wtih full close or half close for various material discharging.
4. All of grab hydraulic system are protected with shields. the motor protective cover is designed in the form of half-and –half.
5. All of grab pins are seized by press plates. simple and reliable structure. nice appearance and easy maintenance.

Hydraulic grab parameters
Type Volume Grab height Dead weight
(m3) (t / m3) (t)
YD0.5-0.1-00 0.1 1100mm  0.25t 
YD1.0-0.2-00 0.2 1200mm 0.3t
YD2-0.3-00 0.3 1550mm 0.6t
YD2.5-0.4.00 0.4 1860mm 1.0t
YD3-0.5-00 0.5 1950mm 1.2t
YD4-0.6-00 0.6 2100mm 1.5t
YD5-0.8-00 0.8 2200mm 1.6t
YD6-1.0-00 1 2300mm 1.8t
YD8-1.2-00 1.2 2400mm 2.0t
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