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SGMC grab

Radio remote control grab

Radio remote control grab
Radio remote control grab Wireless Remote control grab
Remote control grab Single rope grab with radio control system
Wireless Remote control grab design

1. Radio remote control grab working height is comparatively lower than other makers. Especially in the transferring platform from barges to big vessels. Lower grab working height means to increase the cargo handling efficiency.
2. Diameter ratio of the pulley to the rope is comparatively bigger than other makers, effectively reducing possibility of the breaking threads and strands of the wire rope , and improving the lifetime of wire rope
3. Radio remote control grab can work at a bigger tilt angle, which is more than almost 5 degrees compared to other maker.
4. The hydraulic system of the grab is very simple, which is composed of two valves only, and with a reliable filter , effectively protecting the seals and the valve cores, so the failure rate is very low
5. .Short working stroke and grab closing time enhance the cargo handling efficiency.
6. Opening motion can be stopped in the middle of grab opening, it’s very convenient to load trucks and hoppers.
7. Small overall size occupies small storage space, low height of the grab facilitate the grease, maintenance and repairs.
8. Special design of wire rope hanging defense to protect the wire rope from scratching in the course of the working in case of wrong operation
9. Special lifting eye in the grab moving block is fitted for grab commissioning, maintenance and repairs, and grab test of opening/ closing can be effected inside the workshop, there lie two maintenance ladders on the arms to grab greasing maintenance.
10. Grab cylinders are protected by shield devices to prevent the cylinder piston rods bending in the transport process due to severe turbulence, whilst avoiding the cylinders bending due to unilateral force in the accident of broken one of wire ropes.
11. Remote receiver integrated circuit board is adopted, reducing additional circuits , greatly reducing the grab’s electrical fault.
12. Grab remote control system is with cushion protection in good function of anti-vibration.
13. Grab’s electrical and hydraulic system are completed close in the box to stop the sea water ingress.
14. The solenoid valve is triggered by a flash electricity, so the energy consumption is very low, the continuous working time can up to 96 hrs, far longer than other grab makers.
15. Storage battery is Li-battery with small size and light weight 3.5Kgs only. 
16. Our company uses CNC cutting machine to cutting steel plates, ensure the cutting quality and aesthetics.
17. Upper transverse, lover transverse, moving pulley block, buckets are all machine processed by the whole boring, to ensure accuracy.
18. Bushes are made of chromium brass with high anti-corrosion function under sea water conditions.

Remote control grab parameters
Type Volume(m3) Crane Capacity(t) Grab Weight(t) Cargo Weight(t) Working Height(m)
YK12-5.0-1.0-00 5 12 5 7 8.2
YK12-6.0-1.0-00 6 12 5.7 6.3 8.2
YK16-J4~8.0-1.0-00 4~8 16 7.5 8.5 9.1
YK20-J5~10.0-1.0-00 5~10 20 8.2 11.8 9.4
YK24-J6~12.0-1.0-00 6~12 24 9 15 9.6
YK26-J7~14.0-1.0-00 7~14 26 10.5 15.5 10
YK28-J8~16.0-1.0-00 8~16 28 11 17 11
YK30-J9~18.0-1.0-00 9~18 30 11.5 18.5 11.5
YK32-J10~20.0-1.0-00 10~20 32 12 20 12
YK35-J11~22.0-1.0-00 11~22 35 13 22 12.8
YK50-J16~32.0-1.0-00 16~32 50 19 31 15.5
YK70-J20~40.0-1.0-00 20~40 70 28 42 18
Radio remote control grab features

Wireless radio remote control grab can work everywhere at once, just hook on and go. No need any extra accessories in the ship crane. Grab close by crane wire, grab open simply by remote control, just press the button' OPEN ' in radio transmitter anytime in mid-air. And no additional labor needed to operate the grabs, High-power rechargeable lithium batteries with high charge capacity ensure dependable constant use upto 72 hours. in the status of loading hopper, The Radio remote control grab opening act can be interrupted by pressing key at any time during the period of opening, the grab will resume opening by pressing “OPEN” again. Various lip designs available to match different goods, Grab volume can be changeable to suit various bulk cargo with different piled density. This grab model has the working efficiency close to the motor hydraulic grab by 80%, and with less than half price of motor hydraulic grab.

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